Trekking and walking Calanques

Trekking and walking Calanques


Trekking and walking in the Calanques: one of the most picturesque trekking routes in Europe!
Trekking and walking in the Calanque is a rather challenging route: it will take hikers some days to explore the area and they’ll need to bring water and the tent with them.
The Calanques offer a number of different but all wonderful trekking routes. Costaazzurrapocket selected for you the following trekking route.
1st day: the route starts from the small village of Callelongue, easily accessible from Marseille by bus. Here a narrow path crosses the cliff rising steeply from the sea, leads to the Calanque de la Mounine and heads for Marseilleveyre, where hikers can stop to eat and spend the night.
2nd day: the path leads to Calanque de Podestat and goes up to Pas inferieur de la Melette ,Col de Sormiou, Col des Baumettes and Col des Escourtines. Hikers can reach the village of Morgiuou through a fast straight path or through the splendid panoramic route known as Crete de Morgiou. In Morgious, hikers can stop to eat at the local restaurant and to lay in water supply since there are no water sources until Cassis.
3rd day: the path leads to Calanques de Sugiton, where it moves away from the sea and skirts the Falaise des Toits cliff. Then, the path turns right and continues until the beautiful Oeil de Verre, a rocky outcrop which can be passed only thanks to a rope fixed in the cliff wall. The path now rises toward the Cheminée du Diable and turns right to Col des Charbonniers. After this rather challenging walk, the path descends to the Oule Cave and rises again to Col de l’Oule and Potalet d’En Vau from where a narrow dirt road leads to the wonderful Calanque d’En Vau. No water nor food supply available.
4th day: the path rises amid the rocks and leads to Port Pin and Port Miou from where visitors can finally reach Cassis and finish their trekking route.

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