Holiday in Menton: a useful guide for your holiday in Menton, charming town close to Monte Carlo...

Holiday in Menton: a guide for your unique holiday in Menton

A holiday in Menton is a great chance to visit a pictoresque town, situated in the south-east of France, very close to the Italian boarder in the heart of French Riviera. Menton was founded by the Count of Ventimiglia with the name Château de Puypin in 1200, when it was inhabited by Ligurian people. It was owned by the Grimaldi family as part of the Principality of Monaco from 1346 until 1848, and it officially became French in 1861. During the 19th century, Menton became a well-known tourist resort thanks to its warm climate and unique scenary; anumerous famous people spent their holidays in Menton charmed by this pictoresque town.

During World War II, when Menton was annexed by the Italians, the town experienced a great economic prosperity due to the increased trades with Italy; during this period, the Italians tried to establish a strong influence on Menton and its inhabitants were forced to adopt Italian laws and customs. A holiday in Menton is, therefore, a chance to enjoy a distinct Italian influence as regards traditions, architecture and food. After World War II, Menton was annexed to France again and regained its appeal as a famous tourist destination.


During your holiday in Menton, you will be charmed by its world-renowned gardens, including the Serre de la Madone and the Le Val Rahmeh (Valley of the Cat), which was built in 1905 by the English Lord Radcliffe, the first owner of the garden. You will also have the chance to visit the Fontana Rosa and the Maria Serena gardens, which are now open to the public.


Menton is known all over the world for its famous "Lemon Festival", which takes place every year in February. Lemons and oranges are used to decorate statues and sculptures and to create parade floats of every shape which cross Menton`s streets together with orchestras. Enjoy your holiday in Menton and don’t miss this spectacular show!


Have a look at our useful Guide to Menton and arrange your holiday in Menton, marvellous town in the heart of the French Riviera!

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