Holiday in Marseille: guide to your holiday in Marseille, France`s most important port. The perfect holiday for art and history lovers!

Holiday in Marseille: guide to your unforgettable holiday in Marseille, the most colorful town in the south of France

Holiday in Marseille, France’s most important port is a traditional hub of maritime trades. This is a unique chance to spend your holiday in one of the world’s most famous sea town. If you are a history and art lover, Marseille is the perfect destination for your holiday! Marseille boasts magnificent monuments which bear witness to its glorious history and attract visitors all year round. The town is located along the Mediterranean coastline and benefits from the typical Mediterranean mild and sunny weather. On holiday in Marseille, you have the chance to enjoy a very lively and dynamic atmosphere; Marseille has always been a melting pot of different cultures from all over the world and a multiethnic town, where the most varied scents and flavours blend with brillant colours and pictoresque landscapes. But Marseille is also a noisy and lively urban centre divided into 16 arrondissements. It is France’s third largest metropolitan area and the administrative capital of the Provence region. Marseille was founded in 600 BC by the Greeks and has a long traditiond as a town dedicated to commercial trades. Until the French Revolution, when it definitely became part of France, it was an independent town.   
On holiday in Marseille, you have the pleasure to visit magnificent monuments and interesting sites, such as:

  • Le Vieux Port (Old Port) around which the town developed over the centuries.
  • Jardin des Vestiges (Garden of Remains), the ruins of the Greek port.
  • La Canebière, Marseille major boulevard, which once connected the northern fields to the Old Port.
  • Le Panier, the oldest district of the town.
  • Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, a magnificent church located on the highest hill surrounding the town.
  • Le Château d`If (If Castle), which was once used as a prison. It is the site where the French writer Alexandre Dumas set his famous novel, The Count of Monte Cristo.
  • La Cité Radieuse, built by the Swiss architect Le Corbusier on boulevard Michelet.
  • Estaco,  quarter located in the north of Marseille, "(Cézanne, Braque, Renoir).
  • Les Calanques, little coastal fiords.

Marseilles is the home town of many famous people, such as Patrick Dupond, known all over the world for dance, Fernandel, Raimu, Robert Guédiguian for cinema, Marcel Pagnol and Jean-Claude Izzo for literature, IAM (rap group) for music. The reggae music is very present, especially thanks to Marseilles Sound System. But Marseille is famous in the world not only because of its famous people, its port or its history, but also thanks to some local products such as pastis (alcoholic beverage made of aniseed spice), aïoli (garlic sauce), tapenade (hors d’oeuvre made of anchovies, olives, capers and garlic), bouillabaisse (fish soup with sauces and vegetables) and panisse (thin cakes of chickpea flour).

Have a look at our useful Guide to Marseille and arrange your holiday in Marseille, marvellous town in the heart of the Provence!
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