Holiday in Grimaud: guide to your holiday in Grimaud, charming small medieval village high up above Saint Tropez Gulf...

Holiday in Grimaud: guide to your holiday in Grimaud, the “Provencal Venice”

Holiday in Grimaud is a unique chance to spend your holiday in Grimaud, small medieval village located in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d`Azur region, very close to the most famous Saint Tropez. If you are a history and art lover Grimaud is the perfect tourist destination for your holiday in Provence! Grimaud attracts thousands of visitors spending their holiday in Provence all year round, charmed by its wonderful medieval remnants but also by the modernity of its coastal quarter, Port Grimaud. Port Grimaud was designed by the architect Francois Spoerry as a lakeside pleasure area in the 60s. With its 7 km of canals and docks, Port Grimaud is called as the “Provencal Venice” and it is really worth visiting during your holiday in Grimaud. You will be immediately charmed by the ruins of its XI century fortress, still dominating the village of Grimaud from the hill top. The old castle used to have a great strategic importance to defend Saint Tropez Gulf, once called Grimaud Gulf, against the Saracen invasions. If you are a history lover, you will be delighted to find out that Grimaud boasts some magnificent medieval buildings and monuments which are worth visiting during your holiday in Grimaud, such as Saint Michel church in romanesque style, Notre Dame de la Queste and Penitents Chapel. You will also enjoy Grimaud magnificent civil architecture, such as the Saint Roch windmill and the clever system designed in the XVII century to provide the village with the water coming from the surrounding hills. The ancient medieval village of Grimaud is well preserved and its centre boasts pictoresque narrown streets, little squares, fountains, old houses with the doors framed by the local black volcanic lava and the facades covered with colorful bouganville.

Guide to your holiday in Grimaud: a gloriuos past

Holiday in Grimaud, the perfect union of a small medieval village high up above Saint Tropez Gulf and a modern town on the sea shore. Its magnificent medieval remnants bear witness to Grimaud glorious past, strongly influenced by the Romans. Grimaud famous old castle was built in the XI century and, thanks to its important strategic position which allowed to keep the whole Gulf under control, it attracted the attention of the major politicians of the time. Afterwords, the village started to develop outside the castle walls because of the increasing population.   

Have a look at our useful Guide to Grimaud and arrange your holiday in Grimaud, marvellous town in the heart of the Provence!
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