General FAQ:

What can I use Costaazzurrapocket web site for?

- to make hotel and residence reservations (structures selected by experts in Tourism).

- to download discounts for tourist services all over Liguria

- to find out tourist information, frequently up-to-date

- to enjoy advices and curiosity to organize excursion itineraries through the beautiful Ligurian resorts

Why should I prefer Costaazzurrapocket to other web sites?

- it gives you the chance to arrange your holiday easily and quickly

- it gives you the opportunity to download discounts and special rates for tourist services

- it guarantees you to have favourable prices, never dearer then hotel rates.

- it assists you continuously, while you are booking your hotel, before and during your stay.

Before leaving 

How do infants have to be considered for hotel booking ?

Infants (babies under 2 years old), even if they are free and use a cradle, must not be omitted but have to be considered in the total number of participants.

What about pets on holiday ?

You can check in the hotel information form if the hotel you chose accepts pets or not (free or with extra charge). Every time you make your hotel reservation, please remind to advise about your pet (obligatory). Remind also that pets are allowed only in the rooms (not admitted in the restaurant, swimming-pool and other common areas).

In case I had special requests, what can I do ?

Our web hotel offer is based on a standard quality service. If you wanted to reserve other services which are not available on-line, please do not hesitate to send us your request: Some examples:


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