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This project was edited by eTour s.r.l. It is a consulting firm and it attends to the professional and business training related to the growth of an area, of tourism and to the expansion of a business. All its actions are involved in business, organization, marketing, communication and introduction of new information and communication technologies into the public and private organizations.

eTour offers to the tourist destinations and to every stakeholders:

- web services for the management of economic enterprises within the tourist area;

- online and onsite consulting services;

information and widening services with regard to opportunities, researches, trends and progress reports of tourism’s socio-economics (newsletter, online news, personalized);

and it offers also its competences on:

- the organization analysis of the local tourist system and of the company one as well;

- strategic and marketing planning;

- promotion and selling of the tourist offer through traditional and telecommunication channels;

- promotion and selling of the tourist offer through traditional and telecommunication channels;

- development and layout of built-in informative systems - based on web, modular, scalar and interoperated technologies - for the information, relations and cooperative work management;

preparation and realization of personalized educational courses for the introduction and the effective use of computer science systems and applications through advanced methods - online and distant training - based on the most recent learning methods for the grown-up people - problem solving learning and cooperative learning.

As a guarantee for achievement of its aims, eTour applies the method of participative planning with the client.

eTour is formed by a multidisciplinary team of tourist destination management experts, who are also experienced in organizing, marketing and communication advice, and moreover in the planning of built-in systems for the destination management in the informative and technological assistance to the local tourist offices, in the knowledge of the several local tourist background up to now especially in Trentino (Italy), but also in other European States.

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