Shrine of Our Lady of Utelle

Shrine of Our Lady of Utelle


Shrine of Our Lady of Utelle: magnificent sanctuary nestled on the picturesque hill surrounding Nice

Nestled on the 1180 m high hill surrounding Nice, the magnificent Shrine of Our Lady of Utelle watches over Nice and the picturesque villages of the Baie des Anges. Every year, the sanctuary attracts thousands of pilgrims charmed by the feeling of peacefulness and spirituality of the sacred place.
According to an ancient legend, in 850 AD a Spanish ship was caught by a terrible storm in the river Var oulet and the sailors promised Virgin Mary to build a chapel if she calmed the storm. Thanks to their prayers, Virgin Mary appeared, a dazzling light enlightened the valley and the storm stopped. The sailors kept their promise and built the small chapel of Our Lady of Utelle in Nice, which was enlarged over the centuries.
Successively, Virgin Mary appeared to the citizens of Utelle and cured their illnesses, therefore the Shrine of Our Lady of Utelle became an important religious destination.
During the French Revolution, the Shrine of Our Lady of Utelle was completely destroyed but the citizens contributed to rebuild it in 1806. In 1871, a monastery and a cloister were built near the chapel to celebrate the millennium from its foundation.
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