Phoenix Botanical Garden Nice

Phoenix Botanical Garden Nice


Phoenix Botanical Garden Nice: Europe’s biggest green house.
Located along the wonderful Promenade des Anglais near Nice International Airport, Phoenix Botanical Garden is the biggest greenhouse in Europe housing unique cultural, natural and artistic attractions: theme gardens, the astronomical garden, the Remote Times Island,  the Maya temple, lots of different fish and bird species, exotic butterflies, flowers and plants, amazing exhibitions and shows.
Phoenix Botanical Garden boasts a marvelous greenhouse dedicated to tropical vegetation, the famous Diamant Vert (Green Diamond): a 7000 mq greenhouse divided into six theme rooms where high technology devices recreate the most suitable climatic conditions for rare orchids and other tropical plant growing.
Located in the heart of Phoenix Botanical Garden, Nice Museum of Oriental Arts houses one of the widest collections of oriental arts with unique works of art from China, Japan, India and Malaysia.
 Phoenix Botanical Garden also features areas dedicated to fossils and rare animals.                                                                                                                                        
Phoenix Park(Arénas)
Tel.  04 92 29 77 00 
Open daily 
Adult rate: 2€. Children under 12 free.
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